The Kid


"Chops" was a test tube baby. When some of Slash's pubes were discovered on the back seat of a limo, LUDO (a renegade group of mad scientists) used the DNA to fertilise Chops' surrogate mother, Wanda, a professional beach volleyball player. Wanda and LUDO raised the child in the subterranean Loverock music studio, which is why today Chops has the deep seated love of bikinis (that and his age,15,) and a deep-rooted love for shredding his Les Paul. Chops' great grandfather (on his mother's side) invented peanut butter, which he was developing with the British government as a weapon/explosive. The tasty treat changed mankind and killed Elvis.




Looking like a Fraggle, Rock she most definitely does. Doodles' first question as a child was 'Why are piano keys only black and white?' Nothing has been simple ever since. Generally, speaking and singing in vivid technicolour, Doodles makes the world a brighter, more beautiful, more colourful place to live. Every expression that comes from the music and mouth of this rock nymph turns into joy, light and abundance. To spend a moment in her company can soothe, heal and inspire, imagine spending a lifetime. Well, now you can.




Raised by goats on the cliffs of Pissouri, Cyprus, Goatboy was saved from the twisted scythe of Satanists when Lena, the daughter of a simple goat herder called Aegidios, stumbled across a ritual sacrifice and saved Goatboy's life. Aegidios was a avid fan of Canadian rock band Rush and an aficionado of home-grown marijuana. Goatboy would spend the summers with his head in Lena's lap. Lena would gently stroke his ears whilst Aegidios smoked weed and played Neil Peart drum solos which is why to this day Goatboy loves Rush, marijuana, Neil Peart and girls called Lena.




No one knows precisely where he is from. Everyone wants to know where he is at. Il-eagle is who he says he is, but he will never tell you. He doesn't really exist unless you are actually with him and then he does, kind of. Il-eagle is the spirit of freedom. Above the law, outside the law, surrounding the law; a law unto himself, Il-eagle was born to be free and understands that we all are born to be free. The personification of love, he knows we can change and that we have to change. The throbbing riffing bass is the muscle that powers the band and holds them in place. This much fun shouldn't be Legal, but he is.


The Boss


Boss is a messenger sent from the Tenth Dimension. He carries a message which is a plea to you, mankind, who are in danger of destroying all known existence by tearing a hole in your own feeble reality through the toxic yet powerful energy of existential angst, greed, desperation and death anxiety. The message from the Tenth Dimension is this - "Salutations, Creatures of the Fourth Dimension. We bring hope and come in peace. Know and take heart that there is more to the universe than what you can sense in these four dimensions. Where we preside in the actuality of the Tenth Dimension, Music IS existence, our corporeality. We are music. Living, singing, loving, caring and harmony. That is what the Tenth Dimension holds. In the Tenth Dimension all creatures/beings/light are one and infinite at the same time, co-existing together in pure peace that resonates as music which is the life force itself (Us). Pure thought and goodness, happy vibrations and gentle unity. No fear, no pain, no war, no boundaries, nothing separating and dividing, always listening and comforting. No greed, no anger, no desperation; equality, harmony, peace and understanding, all at once. We, of the Tenth Dimension, are asking you beings of the Fourth to rise above this, your four dimensions so that we may all be free to live as music. Save yourself and join us."




'These are the rules - No way to lose.'